Questions and Answers with Jessica

Q & A with Jessica from Jessica’s Events (Click on picture for full list of Tidbits)

1. How do you communicate with clients?


My preferred method in communication with clients is either phone calls or face to face consultations. Email is my second best option for communication and we also keep everything in writing with this form of communication. Email is also easier for our working clients, out of town clients and from time to time occasional text messages.

2. What Services do you offer?


We offer a wide range of packages to fit any budget as well as fit our clients needs. From Month of, partial planning and Full planning packages. Each are designed and created just for our bride and groom’s. Rather you are hands on and just need some direction or you just want us to handle all the vendors and details. 

3. What type of experience do you have?


I have been surrounded in the event industry for 15 years now, I have a degree in business relations and also hold my certification for Certified Wedding/Event Planner, Professional Bridal consultant designation and I also hold a certified wedding planning instructor certification and this allows me to teach through The Wedding Planning Institute. All of my team members are certified planners under my direction and, I personally have taught, trained and certified each of them through the Wedding Planning Institute and FIU Hospitality management program. I, recently received the designation for Event/Wedding Designer through Preston Bailey's program through Lovegevity. 

4. Can you help us stay on budget?


Yes, absolutely! At, our initial consultation we will discuss budgets and as well create a budget estimate showing you what areas you should focus on spending in each category. We also find the best, reliable and respected vendors to fit your budget and provide you excel customer service.

5. What is the average size weddings you have planned?


We have catered from 45 guests to 360 guests events.

6. Will you be with us on our big day?


Absolutely! My focus the day of your wedding is the both of you and your families. I, will be with you at all times making sure you are ok, well taken care of and also to be your best friend and walk you through the most important and beautiful day of your life. My team will also work closely with my on the day of and with some pre-planning logisticas as well. 

7. Do you work alone or with a team?


I have a team and as I mentioned above all our certified planners, we also work very closely with our selective group of vendors to assure your wedding day is beyond your expectations.

8. Can I get discounts with vendors since you are my planner?


Of course, our goal as planners is to find vendors that will provide excel customer service and offer discounts. Most of our vendors would provide you with a 10% discount since you are our client. This is one of the perks in having a planner.

9. What do you feel sets you different from other planner/coordinators?


My goal as a planner is to provide my clients with the best customer service as possible. I, think what sets me aside from the other planners is my bond with my clients, I listen to them, get into their mind and become their friend. I feel that (a bride) especially comes to me for a reason because they trust me with the most important day of her life and developing a bond, connection and friendship makes our relationship through the planning- process much easier. They feel comfortable and can come to me for anything to vent, cry and of course happy moments. My level of customer service is what I feel personally sets me different from my competition.

10. Why don't you offer "Day of" Planning alone?


Great question.. Really what is Day of planning? Let's be real, there's really no so such thing. We don't just work with you the week of your wedding and then the day of. As an experience planner, I find this to be such a challenge. Let me explain why? This is what really entails as part of a day of, we need to coordinate schedules with the vendors, we conduct a venue walk-through, we also depending on the venue need to request Certificates of Insurances (This is something we can't do in a week or at least shouldn't be doing the week of your wedding). We like to review contracts before hand, meet with you before hand to go over details etc. Believe it or not the more we are educated on your event the better it is the flow of the day because we have a better understanding of your wedding expectations. We prepare timelines, distribute and communicate with all vendors, We also crerate schedules for load-in and load-out for each vendor depending on the venue and at times find ourselves creating floor plans of your venue to scale. So, let's be honest does this sound like day of? See, it's really not just "Day of planning"..... I, at the very least like to be involved and hired for at least 3 months before with this option, we just are more invloved and can guarantee with our packages we cover a lot. Ask me how just email me if you are interested in learning more about our 3- Months before packages. We include day of with these packages. 

11. What will you tell your future clients that you most require from them?


The only small request I have for my clients and future clients is "Communication is key" Always, Always, Always stay in communications with me. Even when you are communicating with vendors directly feel free to copy me on emails etc. Again, the more educated we are with your planning the better everything will flow on the day of. Even if you make the most minor change be sure to always communicate these with your planner..


Happy Planning!